‘Pontificating Rhythms’

(I'm Born Again!)

Pope John Paul II is arguably one of the stellar personalities of the current age. His influence will continue to linger long after his decrepitude and breathless passion has been played out. Whatever one thinks of John Paul, it is clear that his personal courage, integrity and capacity for suffering is extraordinary. The ruin of the present John Paul is a far cry from that vigorous prelate of over twenty years ago. A sophisticated , intellectual, athletic, French speaking, card playing, witty John Paul could have made a successful career as an 'extra' man in the Hamptons, had he not been beckoned by history to the priesthood and a higher calling.

Being a pope has got to be one of the world's most unenviable jobs, but it is made easier by the fact of infallibility and absolute 'ex cathedra', authoritarian power. This is why activist popes are the most interesting and among history's most notorious monsters. Even as the Pope gasps his last breath, the santopropaganda meisters are polishing-up sainthood for John Paul. The rosary bead, holy card, T-shirt and ash tray factories are working overtime in China to establish his vision forever in our minds. In many respects, John Paul carries a mythological aura much like that which has been assigned to Ronald Reagan, with whom he has much in common.

Reagan, like John Paul, has been given an almost divine mythology that will suit propaganda for decades until the ugly truth will out and both will fade into the oblivion they truly deserve. Close scrutiny of John Paul needs go no further than the shameful new book of his opinions just released. Behind the Saint of Peace mask lies a sordid, reactionary mind dazzled by fascist power and contemptuous of common humanity. A billion faithful Catholics will be jarred by any criticism of John Paul, but then Catholics have an enormous capacity for compassion and those considerable intelligent numbers of them will exercise both mercy for the man behind the mask and for the enormity of his spiritual crimes– crimes that have led enactment in the world of suffering, discrimination, and loss of faith.

In his new book "Memory & Identity", Pope John Paul covers some rather startling territory. The most vigorous condemnation of the book is coming from Jewish communities worldwide. "Memory & Identity" states, among several outrageous distortions, that abortion is connected with evil regimes, such as Nazi Germany, and that "their extermination was decreed by democratically elected parliaments, which evoke the notion of civil progress for society and for all humanity". No sane person would suggest that abortion was anything but a terrible and horrendous choice under any circumstance. But to suggest that civil rights in democratic governments is equal to the Holocaust of the Nazi's is bordering on the lunatic fringe.

John Paul attacks gay people and displays an animus that can only be called blatant hatred in its venomous tone. He condemns legislation allowing gay unions as an 'alternative type of family'. This, he suggests, is the work of an ideology of evil. He goes on to suggest that civil rights are not applicable to gay 'homosexual' people. John Paul's main theme throughout the book is a bristling hostility to democratic governments which he considers are a risk to the law of God. Islamic fundamentalists and Bush evangelicals feel the same way.

The Pope believes that democracies are the carriers of nihilism, like the evil viruses of, say, human and civil rights. In one chapter of the book, John Paul describes how "anti-evangelical currents" strike at the foundations of human morality, "Influencing the family and promoting a morally permissive outlook: divorce, free love, abortion, contraception, and the manipulation of life. All this is supported by enormous financial resources on a worldwide scale, representing another form of totalitarianism, subtly concealed under the appearances of democracy."

One of the Pope's main concerns is over a world without God, suggesting that non-belivers and atheists can not distinguish good from evil. It is clear from John Paul's pathology that his immersion in evil so so consuming, he is unable to discern the grace of God's love in a multi-faceted, diverse world outside the stiffing parameters of his hatred, and mission of authority.

One need look no further for the source of John Paul's spiritual sickness than his partnership with Opus Dei (http://www.mond.at/opus.dei)This site authored by Franz Schaefer provides articulate discussion of fascism, Opus Dei and its applications in culture and government. Opus Dei is a far right, fascist, Catholic, religious cult under the direct protection and auspices of Pope John Paul II. The organization, which has branches worldwide, was founded by Josemaria Escriva in 1928, in an age that saw the fetid blooms of Mussolini and Hitler rise like carrion plants to spread their stench of death over the world.

Escriva's writings and influence over John Paul are so profound that almost immediately after his death, the Pope fast-tracked him for beatification and sainthood. A full account of these teachings is a must read. Go to Franz Schaefer's site. It will change forever your warm fuzzy feelings about the Catholic church and its holy Pope. The evil ideology which the Pope claims is the death of God on a free earth, is none other than his own. Once history has allowed for the fire of personality to burn out, this Pope will go down as a rather ordinary monster with extraordinary charisma. Compared to the supernova of Pope John 23, John Paul is a dim, miserable little candle illuminating nothing more than his pathetic shortcomings.

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