Hurricane Cal


          Swept away

          That day,

          In the kitchen against the wall

          On a wave of you.

          A first-time raft in a hurricane

          Two so different and the same

          For hours, for days—-

          The craze of love.

          Long years ago

          And ever since

          The heart escaped,

          Being greater

          Than the holding so.

          Time stored in increments

          As old stone walls without cement.

          Days and nights

          For a decade more

          And then some years,

          All that passion, all those fears.

          I never truly knew

          The heart of you,

          But saw me in your eyes,

          Without lies

          Even when you tried,

          Holding those golden ties to life.

          Hearing the Leviathan sing

          In suffering,

          Made from the will of a wicked God

          And drowned in the relentless,

          Endless, cascade

          Of a stinging nettle misery.

          It carried you away on death’s wing.

          Except in Spring

          When made anew

          When mind

          Goes back to being there.

          And once again, its true

          That this old man becomes a young loved being.

          The siren keening passed

          Leaving in its take

          A wake of beautiful things—-

          Treasure in the wreckage

          Of old photos and memories—-

          My beloved pal,

          Hurricane Cal.


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