Voices on Memorial Day

We Remember’

Captain William J. Browne; Stacey Browne; Viola Keeler; Lt. Cal French; Pfc. Hal Norton Jr.; Bill Williams; Hoppie; Marcia Condo; A. Pacitto; Peter Pacitto I; Viola Keeler Olin; ; T.J. Russell; Sam & Petrina McCune; Elsie Enright; Thomas Enright I; Thomas Enright Jr. Agnes Miller; Patrick & Marie Browne; Clara Mitchell; Axel & Bea Jensen; Dione Lucas; Louisa & Jim Cross; Noel & Fred Olin; Emily & Reg Thompson; Hazel & Lyman Potter; Elsie Pelleran; Elsie Anderson; Jackie & Chalmers Anderson; John Cross; Franna Browne; Peter Browne; Betty Browne; Sally Browne; George Browne & Walter Breeden; Ruby & Hurk Anderson; Bert & Gail Anderson; Jerry And Esther Peterson; James Brown; Merton Olin; Pat & Bob Fink; Uchiyama Kosho; Kobori Nanrei; Suzuki Senryu; Carrie Pepperdine; Fran Rawlins; Ira & Mrs. Williams; Evertt Anderson; Dan; Father Robert; Gig Porter; Julia Gershaneck; Jacob Gershaneck; Gretchen Singer; Lena & Lee Anderson; Sam Anderson; John Dale Anderson; Katherine Hubbard; Takeshi Takahashi; Robert Hurley; Harvey Milk; Rev. Greg; Br. Aelread; Br. James; Br. Martin; Br. Joseph; Br. Robert; Bowser; Micki ll; Harry Hound; Locklsey; Kippy; Howie; Brigit I; Ajax; Dokka & Skol; Waggles; Tappa; Tuesy;  Little P; Max; Tony Borzillo; Kap & Peter Pischel; Daniel Alberia; Andy Marks; Gary Hinton; Peg & Tom Moore; David Filler; Jimmy Stoker; Craig Anderson; Randy Garcia; Laurie Baldwin.

The victims of history’s Holocausts  and all innocents slaughtered in war. In memory and honor of all those who have given their lives in the true belief of democratic freedom, and in compassionate service to the dignity and sacredness of  human life.

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