The Hound Report~ ‘Dog Days of Summer’

Bodhi Dawg

Greetings-all of you fourleggers, finned & feathered fans and readers! Bodhi B here to give you the low down on the poop, which wouldn’t be the scoop without the news from afur. Hard to believe we’re coming into the final stretch of summer. My naps in the afternoon are a little bit shorter, the mornings a little cooler, and my investigative reporting from the trenches and burrows of The Crop Eaters has slowed way down. They have been awful this season- like ‘Disney Creatures from Hell’: Bad Bambi…Terrible Thumper…Godzilla Groundhog. Eating–munching–we’ve had to call in help to patrol the compound. Not just anyone, but my good friend up from Georgia:

Bodhi’s Girlfriend Maddie Mae

Together-we are fearless.Here we are in the squad car in hot pursuit:

“Got a bead on ’em-Maddie?”

Why, just today we chased some of them varmits over to the local farmer’s market.

Crowd looks under control

We sniffed through the throngs and collected evidence:


 And questioned the natives:


Neither Rick nor The Sisters of the Shawl had seen any critters.

“Have you?”


Nothing but goodies here-

Well–Maddie…it’s been a dog day afternnon. Whadya say we head back home?

(Some say it could be puppylove)

* * * * *

And speaking of puppy love
this little cutie loves to do tricks and have fun with humans.
Click the link below, then type in a command and see what happens… sit,
roll over, down, stand, sing, dance, shake, fetch, play dead etc., and –
it’s also very cute if you type in a command that’s not recognized.


Click image or HERE

(Don’t forget to ask her for a ‘kiss’)

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