Spooks and goblins everywhere

and soon we are to see

Why they should want to scare

and what they are to me.



I wondered why the gore

and what I had to fear-

They tried to tell me nothing more~

Just Halloween is near.



Until one day while wandering thru the forest I did see

a couple who were different, but did call out to me.

"Come to our house" they called,  and before I could say-

"You might like to help us celebrate this holiday"




They said the ghosts and goblins are not for us to fear

They are just symbols of those invited here

This time joins the spirits of living and the dead they say

A celebration up to what's known as 'All Saints' or 'All Souls' Day'




We laughed and ate and sang and drank as if we didn't have a care

And carved our pumpkin faces completely unaware

For when the lights went out-we really couldn't prepare

To see the sights and sounds we didn't know were there

I really can't describe it- look for yourself if you dare

The thing that they call Halloween- the thing that they call SCARE!


I hope you get lots of goodies in your bag.
I remember when I was called a scag.
But now my time has come and I for one
enjoy becoming a witch when the day is done.
I ironed my costume with such great care
I worked so hard at brushing the wig hair
I played my scary halloween tape
I even ironed my witches cape
I scared myself silly and decided to stop
the music was creepy and I was ready to drop
I cut out two little pumpkins and put out the candy
Now all I have to do is light the candles and all will be dandy

                                                                                                                                             ( Thank you~ AJ)


Happy Halloween!!!!!

* * * * * * * 

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