The Strawberry Patch


Holding on to
That boy.

When did you say ‘goodbye?’

Was  it then,
When ,
He made you cry?

In haunted nights
Over all these years,
We held  too tight those tears,
Letting  lie.

The dream through time
Mine, yours—
Turning on a dime
When we lost—-

Or does it just seem that way?

I recall the heat,
That day—-
Angry at weeding for chores,
Looked up and
Said, “I hate you Mommy!”

It made you cry—-
Standing over me
A strawberry in your beautiful hand
And every wound
Opened in your heart.

But, can’t remember
If you said goodbye.
Why, oh why
Did a little boy’s anger
Make you cry ?

Something more than 'naughty'
A deep of grief—-
Dark light  came swelling
Over your bitter reef.

Remember, you holding on to me
In a sea of green-eyed, blue.
What did I do?
What did I do?

Your little boy
Could not know
What hid you—
Could not know.

It’s a place
I often go,
As we stand again on the horizon,
And wonder—
Was I the thief
That stole your joy?

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