In this sunrise


You rise

In the chill of Spring

And I take wing.

Like the boy,

Who once was.


You’re Winter gone,

And in my song.

Water’s on the ground

And all around

Brown leaves cap

Tulips deep in earthen nap.

It is then

I remember when—

So clear.

Your soulful eyes disappear.

Even before

I closed the door.

You knew it last,

All those Seasons of the past.

When wild mustard flies

Down the rows of grape stake ties,

I feel the choke

Of death’s slow stroke.

As the years go by

And the inner eye

Still holds you dear

It cannot fear—-

That it’s too late

To relive fate

As if ever new,

The wonderful presence of you.

That you are gone

And sorrows song

Becomes light

In the holding of your flight,

Away from us.

When the birches sing

In the born-ing Spring

Photo shards bring you close,

Pushing me on the backyard swing.

And thus,

Always there

I never fear

You lost,

Though I am lost

Without the life of you.


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