728 Days Until 2012 Election


Good lord, there are times lately when we all but want to say goodbye to MSNBC -the last bastion of watchable television newscast news. Unrelenting, over-emphasized riled-up coverage of this past election cycle's cast of characters and issues came uncomfortably close to mirroring certain evil 'Fox Snooze' commentator's hysterical rantings.





* Chris 'Don't-call-it-Philly' Matthews: noisy blow-hard, incessantly irritating Tweety-Boi.

* Ed 'Hot Button' Schultz: 'Blue Collar-inator', impassioned but hard on the ears.

* Lawrence 'Silent-but-Deadly' O'Donnell: intelligent, but getting meaner. Much meaner. He's the new guy who shouldn't have 'The Last Word' when channeling his Inner-Tweety.

* Keith (Please-drop-the-Tweet) Olbermann: cutesy, kinda smug hero commentator and the working folks poet. Welcome back!

* Rachel Maddow: the blush is off the rose, the gay stuff has been great . Yeah, here's the 'but': 'FOX Did It' rang false in her support of Keith. Two comments left on 'Maddow Blog' asking for clarification were immediately removed by the Maddow police for violating an unclear "Thou Shalt Not Criticize Rachel" law. Damn, Rachel , pick it up a bit. But you are family, so we still love ya!


It is unfortunate that there are so few alternate news options. Watching PBS and Gwen Ifill is akin to waiting for paint to dry. Oh no—- please!!!


727 more nights of this???

 Oiy vey! We think we have Adgita.


(Opinion by ''T''…of 'MandT)


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