“The Hound Report~ July 2005”

It’s been a slow, hot Summer–dog days and all that. But, MandT created a new garden section for Tucker of Oakland Hills, who died at the ripe old age of 11. Since his human, Greg, lives on a rental basis, we all thought it would be cool to give Tuck a final resting place here on this hillside garden in Sonoma County. Tuck had been with Greg through thick and thin, ever since that Detroit job got outsourced and he made the long trip over land and prairies to the wonderous Bay area and a new life. I peed on the new Tuck’s garden sign just to make it official.

Have you ever noticed that little magazine rack in your local coffee shop (except for Starbucks- who goes up-town with the New York Times) that features obscure publications that you love to read and can’t find anywhere else? A few days ago, we spied the Psychic Reader, which is a font of earthly progressive and unworldly wisdoms. Its always fun to read and this time Harry Hound got something to read while shredding his daily scone in a sack. Our favorite section is “Ask Christy!” by Christy Carrico, who is a teacher at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. She can be reached at goldensuns@bigfoot.com

A reader writes :

“Dear Christy,
Two years ago, my dog Sammy died, after fifteen years with me. She was part of my family, very dear to me and my husband. Last fall my neighbor’s dog had a litter, and I was drawn to one of the puppies much more than any of the others. She seemed to pick me too, and Dixie has been with me for three months now. She reminds me so much of Sammy. though different in some ways. Are they the same spirit? Did Sammy come back to be with us?” Clara

“Hello Clara,
I am laughing as I write this because Dixie is showing me an image of her jumping up and down going: it’s me! It’s me! I see her energy as a bright blue and she is very happy to be back with you in this new pain free body. She wants me to tell you that it’s really is her and how glad she is to be with you again. She likes to learn from you, and wants to learn from you, and wants me to tell you to stop being sad about her last death, it’s no big deal to her, and she is just full of enthusasism to BE HERE NOW AND PLAY PLAY PLAY!!!”

Is that cool or what? My humans tell me that dogs are really bodhisattvas, and that they learn more from us than we do from them. One of them said that when his time comes and before he is reborn, AGAIN, that he wants to be put on the mulch pile because life begins with a garden.

* * * * * * *



We welcome a new contributer to The Diaries, Harry Hound. Harry has been a part of the association since he was adopted from Alabama at six weeks old. He arrived at the Oakland Airport with papers and a blue ball, which he still has these five years later.

Harry has finally lost that drawl he came with, and is now fully acclimated to the Sonoma California wine culture, in which he has grown up. Harry's glad he's FROM Alabam, but misses that southern hospitality and the passionate locals, especially his momma, who was a Cajun Princess: red haired, beautiful, lots of fun, sweet singing, bad tempered and a bourbon-swilling spit fire.

Harry's Cajun nature comes out everytime he thinks of Jeff Sessions, whom he wants to bite on sight. It's a good thing he came to Sonoma, or he would be on a dog-pound chain gang by now. Harry's view of southern justice and politics is pretty dim, and is probably influenced by Snoopy, whose creator Charles Shultz just lived a few miles or so away from here. Harry's now a blue state, union supporting, red state bashing, all-American, patriotic, Republican evangelical biting, pro-democracy progressive canine and damn proud of it.

Harry hides his family tree, however, because it brings up old family snobbery and prefers his new identity as pet-journalist, muck raker, working the mean streets of surburbia kinda dog. Heck, he'll pee on the neighbor's mailbox as well as the front door of the White House.

Harry's pedigree goes back to dot zero chocolate Cockerhood. His oldest known distant cousins (spaniel removed) were painted by Goya in that evil portrait of the Spanish Royals. You remember the one–all the royals had pin heads, flat foreheads, noses all nostrils, beady little eyes, puckered thin lips—-those chinless wonders. Notice the family dogs: they are magnificant! Some nobility ages better than others. Although Harry could out pedigree any other mere mut at the Sonoma Academy before heading to more serious status at Exeter, he has chosen to be a northern California natural and prefers homeschooling, sushi, salad without carrots, chilled seedless table grapes, watermelon, meditation— staring at his ball to move or watching the fish tank, therapeutic tum-rubs, cheek scratches, and copious dog treats to maintain his busy barking and napping schedule. Dog treats will be his theme for today. But first– a little history.

We noticed one day coming back from coffee with Harry's scone in a bag that the computer had been tampered with– it was frozen at a site called 'Naughty Nurse Poodles'. Then we knew he was ready for a wider exposure to the rough world outside his usual, and needed better influences. So- he was introduced to Jane's wonderful fur friends at firedoglake ( http://firedoglake.blogspot.com ) and various good cats at assorted other blogs that ACTUALLY post on the weekends. This is Harry's first effort, and if the endless fascination with voles and field mice don't totally distract him this summer- he wants to Hound Blog. The following is his first attempt.

"Dog Treats and Dog Cheats"

by  Harrance, Lorenzo, Medici, Rothchilde, Romanoff, Bourbon, Hapsburg, O'Shaunacy, Out of Saxe etc.  Hound.

First– 'Dog Cheats'. Greenies use to be a wonderful dental/chew treat for dogs. Below is the Greenie Company promotion and description of their well known product. Either the formula has changed, cost saving ingredients substituted, or recently at Safeway, my folks bought an imitation pkg of Greenies. I was sick for three days-, listless and depressed. Then I barfed all over the Persian carpets, as is my habit when barfing in the house. Up came all these little wads of green  stuff. You could bounce the rubbery little villians off the floor.

Greenies U.S.A. claims: " They contain none of the plastic or inert materials found in other chew treats that are not digestible by dogs." Wrong! Lie! GRRRRR! Is that like dissambeling, or what? The Greenie Watch says stay alert for bad Greenies!

"Greenies dog chews are much more than a simple dog treat. Greenies dog bones reduce tartar, and plaque, strengthen gums and diminish oral bacteria. Designed specifically to reduce dental calculus, Greenies freshen breath, control oral bacteria and reduce dog odors, plus they provide nutritional and antioxidant benefits. Feeding Greenies with other foods actually increases digestibility of those foods. And, dogs love them. The green color is from pure chlorophyll, there are no artificial colors or flavors, no sodium chloride and no sugar added! They contain none of the plastic or inert materials found in other chew treats that are not digestible by dogs. Greenies are human grade and contain an all natural flavor dogs love!"

Barf and GRRR to that. Now some good news: Safeway carries a brand of dog bone treat that is quite cheaper than the others,  including the fancy ass Greenies and is truely edible and long lasting—everything they say it is. It's called Meaty Bone Chew-lotta. So until next time, good night where ever you are—-great Poodles of Oregon and Enlightened Cats everywhere. H.H.

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