Une Chanson Pour Ma Soeur

For Janet

 Is she a flower?
A season?
Her reasons—
Or showers
Of heart?

Her lovely smile,
Of laughter
And grief
Lie far beyond
The seasons of guile.

Yet, while
From a woman’s steel,
There sings
In appeal
What is true—
What can be real.

Stealing our heart,
Here and
The new start,
Spring appears.

And so begins that fire and ice—
Deep felt motion,
Moving the rich tilled
And churning
The fathomless ocean.

She of  morning glories,
Bright sunshine in raking light,
Of flower gardens,
And poetry,
Mystic stories,
And matters of the heart.

Of Sunflowers in pitchers
Crowing with Roosters,
And bowers of color,
Phasing in the float
Of dust-motes
Caught in streams of gold,
Across the table—-
We  see her.

Of English tea,
Cream, no lemon–
Of scones and marmalade
And vanquished fears.

She of long cotton skirts
And lovely hands
That  dance a china cup—-
In it’s airy passage
From table to place,
Her face a joy.

She of purple clogs.
Ms. Kitty,
And Bodhi Dog,
In the blend of things—-
Cotton falls,
Like silk
Like rain
Her fashion—
A garden to my  eyes,
A season to my years.

Talks of cottages,
The sandy Cape,
Blue sea,
And she in the
Wild, white roses
Scrambling through
The thicket
For a better view.

Is it so, that pain brings
The purest love?
That in risk,
Or betrayal,
Comes the finer stuff ?
And joy, binding souls,
Sings the purpose of life?

Children and Sojourners
The best laughter
Is not ironic.
She laughs as music.
I swear—-
The sounds of bells and waves,
Rustling leaves
And the gorgeous breath of sighs.

And there it lays
In amber time
Forever there—-
These halcyon days
With only she
And the mind sea.

                               (from Michael)
* * * * * * *

Those wishing to make a contribution  in honor of our sister  Janet Gershaneck may

Make check payable to Hospice of Bennington County and mail to:

The Bank of Bennington Attn: Maegan Wood

155 North Street

Bennington, VT 05201

Maegan can be reached at 802-442-1640 Ext 239 or mwood@bennbank.com.

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1 Response to Une Chanson Pour Ma Soeur

  1. robin andrea says:

    I thought of her just the other day, somehow remembering someone I’ve never met.

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