Whitewashing Of A Black Child’s Death

Former Judge Robert Zimmerman’s rabid right wing attack on those defending justice in the stalking murder of Travon Martin by his vigilantist son, George Zimmerman, shows that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. What a disgrace and a shaming moment of historical import for the decline and corruption of justice in America. Way to go Florida. If Zimmerman is given a free pass, no one will be safe in America’s gun insane vigilante culture.

Before he temporarily stepped down from his position last week as chief of the Sanford, Fla., police department, Bill Lee Jr., gave an explanation of his decision not to arrest George Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin. Lee said he had no reason to doubt Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense. Though Lee is no longer in the spotlight, his words linger for at least one compelling reason: his explanation bears an eerie resemblance to cases brought under the Fugitive Slave Law during the Antebellum period. Today, a legal standard that allowed the police chief to take Zimmerman at his word recalls the dark past of slave-owners claiming their property. The writings of Martin Delany, the African American political philosopher and activist, shed light on the uncanny resemblance.

On Delany’s account, the effect of the Fugitive Slave Law, at least as Judge McClean interprets it, is to subject all unowned black persons to the domination of all white persons. For by requiring that the self-proclaimed slave catcher be taken at his word, the law leaves unconstrained the ability of any white person to arrest and seize any black person. In effect, it renders all titularly free blacks vulnerable to the power available to all whites in exactly the way that, according to Frederick Douglass, a black slave is vulnerable to the power exercised by his or her white master.

In short, it appears that whites (or other non-blacks) may hunt down blacks with immunity from arrest so long as they leave behind no clue that they were not acting to defend themselves; or, to echo Martin Delany, that Florida’s Stand Your Ground law threatens to render some citizens subject to the arbitrary wills of others.

If it seems a stretch, finally, to paint Zimmerman in the image of the slave catchers of yesteryear, recall that he himself invited the comparison when, while stalking the African-American teenager against the advice of a 911 dispatcher, he complained, using an expletive to refer to Trayvon, that they ‘always get away.’”

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4 Responses to Whitewashing Of A Black Child’s Death

  1. Shooting of Trayvon Martin (including sound) and References:

    I have no words..

  2. taradharma says:

    and FOX NOISE is fomenting hate…saying that other news organizations are “invested” in the arrest and conviction of Zimmerman (Imagine). If that doesn’t happen, O’Reilly says, “there will be violence in the streets.” Imagine. People pissed off because an adult shot to death an innocent, defenseless 17 year old. Geez, why the upset?

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