‘Drag Queen Barbie’

“The new Blond Diamond Barbie has caused quite a stir in recent weeks. Due to her over-the-top sparkling dress, big blond hair and dramatic smoky makeup, many people have grown fond of calling her ‘Drag Queen Barbie‘. Mattel prefers to disagree with this take on the newest version of Barbie, due for release at the end of the year for all of $125, the New York Daily News notes.

A Mattel spokesperson is quoted in the Daily Mail on the topic:

The Blond Diamond Barbie Collector doll celebrates the glamorous fashions created by the designing pair David and Phillipe Blond… This collector doll has a classic Barbie face sculpt with dramatic makeup and sweeping blond hair to top off a stunning silvery mini corset dress of countless sculpted faux gems and a full length faux fur.

The doll was designed by Phillipe and David Blond, the fashion designers behind The Blonds fashion line in New York. They say they designed the Barbie as an icon of provocative glamor. Many people made a connection between co-designer Phillipe Blond’s feminine, glitzy, blond style and the style of Blond Diamond Barbie. She sports luxurious cascading blond hair, bedazzled pumps, and a silver corset dress that many have noted are reminiscent of Phillipe’s aesthetic taste.

The Daily Beast describes how the collaboration between the Blonds and Mattel developed:

The Blonds and Mattel never intended for the new Barbie to be a drag queen. The partnership between the Blonds—best known for designs worn by the likes of Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga—and the toy manufacturer began when the partners were among the 50 designers to create a look for the 50th anniversary Barbie Runway Show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 2009. The collaboration went so well that Mattel commissioned Phillipe and David to design a new collector’s Barbie this year.

Whether or not Mattel stands behind the unofficial nickname of ‘Drag Queen Barbie’, supporters have suggested that the Barbie and the celebration of the designer are both positive messages. Author Tanya Lee told the Daily Beast, “Designed by someone living his life his own way, this Barbie will be seen by some as a celebration and others may be offended.”

[ Thanks http://www.care2.com/causes/glamorous-new-barbie-is-not-a-drag-queen-according-to-mattel.html for this provocative article ]

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2 Responses to ‘Drag Queen Barbie’

  1. taradharma says:

    such a fuss over a DOLL! Oh, and that video (above)? Fantastic!

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