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3 Responses to ‘Bodhi-of-Mine’

  1. lindalou5150 says:

    so beautiful it made me cry…love you all..

  2. tara says:

    I wish you could see the giant grin that is my face as I watched this video. Oh, baby of mine, what a sweet love you all share! Our animal friends are so precious to us…and your little fella fills me with delight!

    • Hyungmo says:

      If you guys are amazed that Costco is siellng the Survival food you’d think Salt Lake was downright wacky. Go to any Walmart Supercenter and there will be an entire AISLE of survival foods. Hell, hones are even marketed as having room for your family’s survival rations. Some are sold with storage facility lockers paid in full for several years Mormons are full on survivalists in this way. I think one of the responsibilities they have to the church and family is to keep one years rations set aside

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