‘Dreams of Corn’

(‘Ham and Eggs’ by Collins and Harlan-1922…Video by karmanot)

“Two corn cobs were walking downtown and the first cob noticed that they were
being followed by another strange cob everywhere they went. The first cob
whispered to the second cob “Don’t look know but I think we are being
followed by a stalker”

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4 Responses to ‘Dreams of Corn’

  1. tara says:

    somebody likes corn…and being silly! I once had a dear friend who collected pineapple chotchkies — we called him the “Pineapple Princess” and when he passed (of AIDS) his ashes were put in a pineapple urn, that sat atop an alter of his most beloved pieces. Best memorial I’ve ever been to — overflow crowd, lots of singing and, at the end, a standing ovation for this great soul!

  2. Karmanot says:

    When I go out to find a ‘corn fix’, I usually announce to the shopkeeper that “I am a CORNOPHILE -but it’s okay because I’m registered”. Yes…dear Tara- we need to maintain some level of silliness. We can’t just throw up our husks and say “Aw–shucks!” Otherwise, we’d be popped.
    My sister & I used to dance and sing to this song being played on my great aunts Victrola. After many years, I finally found it again. Kinda earie- huh?

  3. Carol Mae Carter says:

    Loved this! Nothing like fresh picked hot steaming corn on the cob! It looks like someone polished and arranged your kitchen with great love! Its a work of art for every day enjoyment. Its a wonderful place to visit, too. I know.

  4. Karmanot says:

    Ah yes! Thank you for the kernels of kindness-very glad that you enjoy, dear Carol. As you can see…it is always a work in progress.

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