Old Dogs


Old Dogs

It takes a lifetime to appreciate

That all, which is given,

That every initiate

Making and  would be

Forgiven crimes of the heart,

Is bound in over folding  fate,

Written from the very start

On those points of choice.

Which would find voice,

In cant, in dirge, in exaltation

An awareness:

Our brief accumulation

Of small history—-

Beach gems and wreckage after a storm,

A time we felt,

so many years ago,

Where surged sea tide flowed

And mind was formed.

Old dogs know that much.

Born empty and dying complex

In letting go,


If we are lucky, there is love—-

That rich jam and texture of deep sweet,

Where we finally meet

All points in one.

Where pauses in the clutch of distance,

Brings us back to life.

Such are we old dogs, Who abide

Between wellness, celebration, illness, grieving and memory.

Bodhi dog and me, Find the still spaces

Looking one to the other.

For you see,

We are bound together

To bring chaos down,

To drown the dying fear

Together one,

Not against, but with the tide

Of jumbled seasons,

Stretching, writhing, growing, changing,

And not being,


Beyond the reason of order and the certainty of truth

With the passion of poets and old dogs.

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4 Responses to Old Dogs

  1. Tara Crowley says:

    beautiful. Here’s to old dogs everywhere. xo

  2. lindalou5150 says:

    ditto: tears
    ah my most favorite old dogs
    lie on this lap and i will scratch behind your ears
    jump your hearts into these arms and i will always catch you
    show me your bellies and i will hit the spot that will tickle
    stay with me, dearest pooches…tails waggin’, then quiet
    peaceful and rested
    i will care for you all, my triad
    my dearest loves

  3. robin andrea says:

    Love the photo. Sweet friendship aging together.

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