WOW! Go Keith

Keith is back in the saddle and better than ever. Mz Maddow’s old mentor socks it to the IOC and Russian anti gay pogromeers. Meanwhile, Rachel, who lost no time in scrambling over Olbermann’s back to climb to the top of MSNBC’s  lineup has remained silent on the Russian pogroms and the IOC’s collaboration with the murderous anti gay state policies recently enacted in Russia. Here:

Rachel Maddow, America’s most prominent lesbian and progressive journalist has said nothing, nadda, zilch, zero. Guess, she still had a few lessons to learn from her old mentor about integrity and true journalism.

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1 Response to WOW! Go Keith

  1. Tara Crowley says:

    seriously? Maddow has not reported on this? I don’t watch regularly anymore (bad for my mental health) but I’m shocked she has been silent on this.

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