“My Music Box”

Music has always been the shaper of my soul. It is always there to comfort me in joy and in solace. It is.my unfailing inspiration.

I recently came across a collection that I had put together starting in the early years of the plague. It was meant as a tribute to the many artists who’s work moves me beyond tears. It was meant for my ears only-

I had thought my collection was lost forever, but suddenly there is was in a box searched many times before. All of my little jewels were intact on my little music box– just the way I’d remembered them to to be. What a joy it was to be taken once again to the places that time had buried!

I am 63 today. May I present just three of my little jewels for your pleasure? The other 60 are sure to follow.

The body may fail, but music, soul and spirit never will.


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