Can’t Say Goodbye


In slow time
The rhyme sings
It’s own song.
Long gone are Summer roses,
Long gone is the whole heart,
Long gone is the dancing spirit
And we who loved him.

There is no fresh start
No getting on
No forgetting
No rebuilding.
The ruins are settling
And we sing its song:
The whole is broken apart.

‘We’ are half here, half gone
Ghosting the days
In teared keening,
A single silent chorus
Whose meaning
Embraces the season ways
Of loss and change–

With faded morning glories
With sharp-edged fallen leaves,
And the long stories
Of what was and what was lost
As Autumn claims
The death of Summer
And July is tossed to never ending memory.

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3 Responses to Can’t Say Goodbye

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh my friend, my heart breaks over and over for you… your blood spills onto these pages from the profound hole in your heavy heart, and drop by drop, each letter, each character, tells the story of a great love..and an unending loss ..there is no final goodbye, only the empty days and brutal nights bleeding one Into another ….waking with the same dull ache, day after day, hour by hour, moment by moment…grabbing snippets back of life, of normalcy…or simply a new continuance of “life minus the other half of your heart”…I love you and thank you for sharing such wordsmithing. I miss him…too ♥

  2. robin andrea says:

    There are no words beautiful enough to type from my keypad to your heart. This poem, these words are as perfectly carved from love and grief as ever I have ever read.

  3. rainnnn says:

    Losing someone you love never really ends for the hole it leaves. Some I know feel that person is still with them and that probably helps even if not as comforting as their physical presence. Sharing the pain though does seem to help and it’s good to let it out.

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