Death Panels: Dorothy Zborknak To Be Executed


“According to recent reports, a group of death panels organized under Obamacare ordered their first execution.”

“Following a hearing by the president’s Patient Resource Efficiency Board (PREB), 86-year-old Dorothy Zborknak has been ordered to death. The reason? According to the administration, she is no longer useful.”

“Zborknak worked at Fleur de Lis Florist in Chicago for nearly forty years, before she made the decision to retire in 1998. Since that time, she has struggled with a host of health problems, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney failure.”

” ‘Unfortunately, the cost of her care just became too expensive,’ claims Peter Johnston, a member of the Chicago PREB. ‘Under the Affordable Care Act, we have the power to make choices about end of life care and I stand by our ruling. I know it will be hard for the family to accept what’s going to happen…But from a financial standpoint, this was a very easy decision.’”


Hashtag: Teabagger Morons

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1 Response to Death Panels: Dorothy Zborknak To Be Executed

  1. Tara says:

    this is toooo funny. I will likely be next: lessee, 20+ years of diabetic supplies, asthma inhalers, knee replacement, odd and sundry ailments. Damn I’m expensive!

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