100_6925                                                                          June 17, 2014

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5 Responses to HALLELUJAH

  1. Zorba says:

    Thought of you this morning when the decision was announced. Hallelujah, indeed!
    It’s been a long time coming.
    Hugs for you, my brother.

    • Karmanot says:

      Thank you Zorba. If only Trace had live enough longer to see this, and experience the joy after all the long decades of hateful, terrible battles for basic democratic justice.

      • Zorba says:

        Yes, I know exactly what you’re saying.
        I am old enough to remember the Stonewall riots, the early days of the AIDS epidemic, when Mr. Zorba and I lost many of our dear, dear friends, and a close relative, and people were calling for concentration camps for the sufferers (and for all gays, really), when gays were still being beaten up and killed without the police doing any damned thing about it (and with the police participating, in many cases)……….
        A good step. Maybe a small step, in the great scheme of things, but still a huge victory.
        I like to think that Trace, and the others, are looking down from wherever they are, and smiling today.

  2. Tara says:

    I, too, like to think that Trace is looking down and smiling with us. What a great day this is! I am beside myself with joy.

  3. Emmers says:

    Trace is definitely celebrating with you M!
    Wow – about time!
    Love you Sweetheart.

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