Prophetess Bites the Dust

TOLEDO: God To Destroy City As Election Is Again Stolen From Prophetess Opal Covey

Incumbent Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson, 64, who became mayor in February automatically as council president when Mayor D. Michael Collins died, received a decisive share of the vote, with about 34 percent, with 85 percent of the precincts reporting. Her closet opponents conceded the victory by the time 72 percent of the city’s 226 precincts had reported. Other candidates on the ballot included Sandy Drabik Collins, wife of late Mayor Collins, with 15 percent; councilman Sandy Spang, with 11 percent; former councilman Mike Ferner, with 5 percent; and evangelist Opal Covey, with less than 1 percent.


Ms Covey has not yet disclosed the manner of Toledo’s destruction.

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