Andie’s First Parade

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5 Responses to Andie’s First Parade

  1. rainnnn says:

    so cute

  2. Zorba says:

    What did Andie think of the horses? And the goat?

    • Karmanot says:

      Andie ignored the goat, but liked the big Pyrenees puppy next to her. They touched noses and became friends. She ignored the horses. She’s so small, I don’t think she even knew they were there, besides they had glitter on their hooves and she thought they were vulgar. She did quite like the cowboy though, who stopped in front of us to re-cinch his beautiful Appaloosa. She did take an interest in the road-apples left by the equine units, which I had to discourage and explain that yes, they were organic, but not the kind of apples I usually feed her. She wasn’t convinced so we avoid that side of the road for now.

      • Zorba says:

        LOL! Well, she does seem to like to scarf any kind of “organic” matter.
        And what is it with dogs and eating poop, anyway? 😄

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