Remembering Sandy




Dearest Sandy,

“This is how I would die
Into the love
I have for you
As pieces of cloud dissolve in sunlight.”

We hold you in our hearts and think of you every day. It sometimes astonishes me how so many close to us are experiencing such a traumatic sense of transience these days. Emotions surge like storm surf and other days lie calm and reflective, broken only by the beauty of a moment: Winter light in the garden, cats playing, our desks of altar treasures and the knowing  that out there, lies the love of the deepest friendship.

Dear heart, our dear friend shared with us the story of you and the journey now. The power of his love and grief, enveloped us; the large room in which we sat became distant, the rent in reality visible and once again we were in that place, as we have been before when news of a loved one stops time and we stand on the threshold of what is real and true.

We spent the next few days napping and sleeping, absorbing the news and its alarming implications. But, for all that we kept coming back to the center thought—You. Lovely, wonderful you. You, the passionate laugh and depth of tears; you, the Irish mystic weaver of stories and radial complexity; you, the lover of poetry; you, the maker of pots and arts; you, the daughter of Gaia, hiking mountains and marshes; you, of unquenchable intellect and adventure seeking; you, learning the language of bees; you the painter; you the Eurythmy dancer of life, putting such soul into the simplest miracles of life. ——-You, so dear to our hearts.

We hold you both closer than ever. Trace, Michael & Bodhi

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