The Dog Chronicles: Andie Sunday 6/26/2016

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It’s Summer and it’s very hot. So hot, that even at 8:00 in the evening the garden did not get watered yesterday. So, Andie and I got up bright and early, postponing toast-time to attend to our aforementioned shirking of duty. Yes, I am one of those folks, whose Celtic genes clearly have some node or other for talking to and receiving data from plant units. My plants were clearly pissed and I swear in their drooping state gave me the leaf.

All’s fine now and they continue to thrive, albeit overgrown and exuberant in their nitrogen and fish-poop  Valhalla. Most of the Spring blooms are gone. Gone are the Poppies, Mallows, Butterfly spikes, Plum blossoms and Iris. In their place and always the first hint of Summer are the sky blue wild Hickory and Queen Ann’s lace that sport up everywhere around the village. To greet us first thing as the early morning unfolds, from the bed, looking through the large window are the Morning Glories climbing the stick trellis, providing me the first delight of the day and Ms. Andie her dawn view of Hummingbirds for the wake up.

IMG_4899In our exiting view out the back door we encounter  tall, magnificent, yellow California Primrose. I don’t know what fussy Victorian named them Primroses, they are anything but. They can grow eight to ten feet tall and heliotrope, so that they resemble dancers frozen in an arc of splendid movement.

IMG_4931Andie continues to hunt Plums, but none  of the small wild variety she so adores. This time she’s focused on the old Burbank plum we rescued years ago when first moving here. Back then Madam Plum stood on the edge of an empty crabgrass infested clay yard and looked every bit her many decades lifespan. Over the years with tender loving care she has returned like Mother Gaia with a bounty of exquisite fruit.

IMG_4950Such is the true joy of gardening. There is a jumbled clot of Lamb’s ear, Silver Sage and tall sky-blue Saliva growing jungle-like around her base, so only Andie can enter and retrieve the exquisite sun ripened fruit. Like a true Cocker retriever dog, she finds, holds them without breaking the skins, and deposits the gathered in a row down the hallway leading to the back rooms of the cottage. I may can them. I learned how to can last year and found the whole process very satisfying. The result: little pots of fruit-spread for holiday gifts. I give Andie full credit.

Our Summer night visits at odd hours have provided much viewing entertainment. While Andie tends to business and then hunts snails and sniffs field mice trails I stare up at wonders such as the Strawberry moon and the Big Dipper. Last night, however, we encountered a UFO. Yes! While Andie was filling her enormous ground level sensory abilities with maximum attention, I saw off in the distance a flashing red light. A plane I thought. Then I saw a triangle-shaped series of white lights flashing. Seriously? A UFO? Then I heard the whirring, buzzing sound come closer and hover over the house. ‘Well, I’ll be ‘. ‘It’s a drone!’—at three O’clock in the morning!. It then hovered just above Andie and me, while I waved and then it flew across the street and disappeared over the roof of the truck-mart house and presumably landed in their back yard.

I am becoming more social these days, mostly because of Andie. She is such a cuteness magnet with probably the sweetest personality ever, that people and other dogs immediately feel better in their encounters with her. I like to think of her as a Doggisattva. So, in our daily walks around the village I feel an increasing strong and comforting sense of belonging and care, which soothes my continuing downward decline. Between the garden, a few close dear friends and Andie, our little world becomes a delightful gratitude made manifest.

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5 Responses to The Dog Chronicles: Andie Sunday 6/26/2016

  1. Zorba says:

    As soon as I started reading about your plums, I wondered, “I wonder if he makes plum preserves?” only to read further and discover that you do.
    And good for Andie for her help!
    Bodhi would have been proud of Andie.

  2. rainnnn says:

    so cute. always makes me smile to read about Andie and your garden

  3. Emmers says:

    M… You’re not getting old and increpid… Your sole soars in your gardening and writing! Love it – Love you – Emmers❤️

  4. robin andrea says:

    Love your garden and all the flowers. I am so happy you remember the names. I have taken to keeping a list on my computer of flower names I have forgotten and worked my poor tired brain to remember. Ah… penstemon, clematis, nasturtium, and delphinium (just to name a few!). If we were out walking and ran into you and Andie, we’d be those old folks who bend down and pet your sweet puppy. We’d sing “good doggie, good puppy” while smiling and being thankful for all the furry critters who cross our path.

  5. Tara says:

    I feel such a peace and contentment here. Your posts allow me to walk along side you and dear Andie, and for that I am grateful. Are our animal friends just the best? And to think they also help us connect with other human beings. Good on ya, friend.

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