Auld Lang Syne


For Auld Lang Syne

My dear,

There—-a sign,

Among the tears,

Among the years

Gone by.

And always,

Finding here

Our joyful pair

In the falling days.

So soon the seasons

Come and go

And the reasons

For love remain so.

For Auld Lang Syne

My dear,

I search the cloudless sky,

For storms

And know—-

A whisper of you

On a sweet breeze sigh.

In spring and

Early dew.

Of Auld Lang Syne.

We meet in the summer  grass,

Full of youth

Alive with sass.

In winter’s aging time

With hearts aligned

And autumn’s future

Fills with past.

I sing to you.

My love’s sign

No other dream will do

In the deep night rhyme.

Between dark and light

On the tattered edge

Of passing clouds

We drift—- out of sight.

We drink the cup

Of kindness

You and me


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5 Responses to Auld Lang Syne

  1. Emmers says:

    Beautiful M – Happy New Year to you and Andie 🌟✨💫XoXoEmmers❤️

  2. francarbonaroattnet says:

    The love you both shared is so deeply palpable and still very much alive…..this moved me to tears. Blessings for a safe, sweet and kind new year. XoxoF

  3. rainnnn says:

    Beautiful thoughts and poem. Love never dies, not when it’s real

  4. Sara Harris says:

    May you always drink the cup of kindness, Michael. I love this poem. My heart just flies open.

  5. robin andrea says:

    Beautiful in every way. Happy New Year.

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