Readers will notice that Adgita Diaries has declared Wednesday, ‘American DUMP DAY’. Herein one will be exposed to graphic satire from many of America’s nastiest cartoonists and our nation’s snarkiest image commentators. Many might find these  images childish, infantile, adolescent, in considerable bad taste, and worse, a grievous insult to the venerable office of the Presidency to be occupied by Donald Dump, Der Gropenfuher. I must confess that is precisely why these images are my personal favorites and will be launched every Wednesday in protest to the Orange Twitler’s ascendancy to  the Office POTUS. After all, the motto of Adgita Diaries for the past 17 years has been: Graffiti On the Walls of Empire.

Authors Note: Andie is totally unaware of this historic descent into fascism of our beloved Republic, so when they come for me, please secret her out of the country and place her in a loving home. (Almost kidding).


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2 Responses to WED: DUMP DAY

  1. Emmers says:

    M – you just made my Wednesday!
    I soooo needed to laugh out loud for the first time since election night – thank you – love you – keep it up!!! Now I’ll have Wednesday’s and Sunday’s to look forward to at least!

  2. I’m right with ya, M! I’d like to watch him try to grab that p*ssy!

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