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PENTIMENTO by Michael Browne  pp.232

The title of this book, ‘Pentimento’ is a word that has long fascinated me for it implies the depths of history below the surface of things. This Italian term is usually employed by art historians to describe that which lies unseen below the surface of a painting; all the mistakes, retakes, previous paintings, corrections, notes and sketches that lie hidden behind the final product. You might agree with me in analogy that a human life is much like that. I’ve often felt that way looking at someone. What are those experiences, what is the buildup and complexities of a human life?

When I first conceived of this work I intended to write sketches of some of the wonderful people I have met over the years, who have made profound impressions on me, both positive and negative. I combed and explored the cramped, overstuffed depths of my file cabinet gathering old folders, letters, blog posts, scraps of this and that, short stories, memoirs, poems and ephemera covering in the final analysis a life over seventy years in the making and it’s multi layers of diversity, adventure, characters, teachers, lovers, friends, family and finally the gathering of peace of mind at the nearing end of it.


SNAPSHOTS (poetry) and The Andie Chronicles  are still available on AMAZON and Barnes & Noble and would make great holiday gifts. And, please if you enjoy these works do leave a positive comment to encourage AMAZON and Barnes & Noble to support these efforts. It makes a great difference. Thank you to those who have already taken the time!


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6 Responses to PENTIMENTO

  1. Sara Harris says:

    YEA!!! COngratulations! I am buying it right now!! Sara >

  2. Mary Moore says:

    Hello Sweetheart!❤️
    Ordered mine immediately- Congratulations!!!
    Merry merry happy happy and all that Jazz!
    XoXo Emmers😘🎄☘️

  3. Nina Rosen says:

    What Michael Brown has to say is always thought provoking and inspiring.
    He is from a generation that is disappearing meaning we may lose the clear insights and heartfelt observations.

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