A Death in the Family

amatilda Crimm

Journalist Andy Humm writes:

All honor to the great Dr. Mathilde Krim, founder of AmFAR (started as the AIDS Medical Foundation in 1983), who died today at 91–a giant in the fight against HIV and AIDS bringing both scientific and fundraising savvy and celebrities to the cause in the worst years of the AIDS pandemic. A tireless brilliant, calm, steady voice for healing, research, compassion and justice. Millions owe her their lives.

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1 Response to A Death in the Family

  1. Tara says:

    I must know her because she looks so familiar, and because I did/do keep up with stories such as these. But I can’t exactly recall. At least we can say, without a doubt, she led a meaningful and important life. May she get the rest she so deserves.

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