International Day Against Homophobia

Those People

Let’s build a fire

Against the chill,

Against the cold.

You and I.

As we stare into

The eternal sky,

Tossing from the dusky hill

Music from the angel lyre.

We are the—- ‘you people’

Luminescent and old

As the mountains—-

Everlasting as the sea.

It is we that sing

Against the tides

Of demon’s curse,

The preacher’s damning verse.

Sacrificed, torn asunder

On Cabeso de Lobo

Put under by lupus thunder

With tin, and edge and gory wonder.

Hung on a lonely fence

Thick and dense

with barbed wire.

The ebbing Shepherd’s life of living fire.

We are ‘those people’

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2 Responses to International Day Against Homophobia

  1. Mary Moore says:

    😊👍🏻 XoXoMM❤☘️

  2. francarbonaroattnet says:

    Haunting, strong and stunning.

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