A collection of poems covering the experiences and emotions of love, loss and life in the context of nature and her seasons by a poet living in a small rural village and his adjustments to the loss of a love as he experiences the changes of seasons in his garden, remembers the past and reflects on the changing world around him with his little dog, Andie.

‘Traces’ by Michael Browne
available on Barns and Noble:…/1134949183…

I prefer Barns & Noble because it treats its writers better financially although AMAZON does carry the book also:…/…/0578592819/ref=sr_1_1…

Also available on Barnes and Noble are: ‘PENTIMlENTO’ a memoir;WOBBLY SABI, a colection of poems; REQUIEM DIARY, a collection of poems and for dog lovers….THE ANDIE CHRONICLES, a book about the life and times of a little female Cocker named Andie—a perfect gift for most ages.

On Barnes and Noble type in Michael Browne to find the above selections Thanks

All your purchases will be greatly appreciated to help get Andie and yours truly through the winter.




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2 Responses to TRACES

  1. Sara Harris says:

    bring one! i want to buy one!


  2. Kathleen Finigan says:

    OH! I’m thrilled to the core to see this on this Thanksgiving morning! The cover is simply stunning and I’m all goose-bumps. What a precious gift you’ve given us yet again, dearest friend.
    Heartfelt gratitude, unconditional love and all blessings to you, dearest Michael.

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