Dear friends,

Andie and I are asking you to please help these guys. Both are outstanding peace and justice advocates. You are probably aware of TW’s photo journalism covering virtual every major demonstration across this nations of ours. Andie particularly likes Mary Oliver, whose name also happens to be one of my poet mentor influences. These two Face Book friends desparetly need your help.

I can so relate to their plight because in November I outlived the last of my life savings  that covered such costs as winter heating, car insurance, Andie’s expensive vet bills and you know those emergencies that reduce us to spam and Wonder Bread for a few weeks  (just kidding). I can’t think of two more worthy of help this season please give generously:

If the below link doesn’t work go to Adgita Diarie on Face Book and find my post:

Thank you     Much love and Happy Holidays    🙂 Michael and Andie

The Face Book link doesn’t open here, so I’ve asked Bill for an outside one you can use. Stay Tuned  HERE:

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