Sister Solstice


Down the hall


The light turned off,

The bedroom dissolves

In a night moon glow

Slanting through the gated blinds.

There are different kinds of darkness.


Is the wonder

If color lies



Sees in shadow,

The forms of everything:

The bookcase here,

The dog on her bundle,

The tanka over the bed,

The chair over there


The play of illusion,


One wall seems infinite


A night-light creates the world,

Lying just behind

A shimmering dimension.

In early dawn,

The moon is gone,

Its ghost lost in swirling fog,


Beads drops of water

On the garden branches.

Fading forms in mist

Link what comes behind

To what

Appears vaguely in front.

The ground

Wet with mottled Bay leaves,

Playing gold

Among the berry twigs,

Beyond the death of frost,

Still shows life,

Where mice and rabbits are quiet,


The red hawks and feral cats

Swoop them out.

When solstice arrives

All is ice,

As freeze contrives to stop time,


If ever so quickly before dawn

In stillness.

I hang her four

Pure-white-paper snowflakes


With concentrated precision


Tiny scissors


Hung on evergreen bows


She is ever lost

In the freeze,

In the stillness,

In the very perfect

Point of solstice


Is for her


Knowing spring.


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4 Responses to SOLSTICE

  1. francarbonaroattnet says:

    This is like a slow dance through the sweet mystery of the longest night and the delicacy of forms frozen in winter’s stillness. So magical. ❤

  2. Tara Crowley says:

    I like what Fran says. It’s a detailed and exquisite piece of writing to mark the day, the past, and the turning to the future. The hushed and slow unfolding of night into day. xo

  3. Sara Majors says:

    Lovely for solstice today!

  4. robin andrea says:

    This is beautiful and as intricate as a snowflake.

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