Why Bernie

BernieWhy Bernie

“Yes, we are passionate. For the first time in our lives, we have someone who wants to work for regular people and yes, we are angry because it’s becoming clear that our hard work doesn’t matter. Bernie’s proposals would make an enormous difference in the daily lives of people like us. Yet the Democratic establishment fears change so much that they would rather risk a Trump presidency by running a deeply flawed and widely disliked candidate than support an honest man who has spent his career making life better for working people. And when you try to bully or shame us into ‘falling in line”, what we hear is your comfort with the status quo, our concerns being swept aside, and our voices being silenced.

Please hear this: I’m furious right now.  I’m furious that my hard work to leave my kids a brighter future is being mocked and belittled everywhere I turn. I’m furious that Obama protected Clinton from the FBI and then came out in full support of the woman who he himself declared would “say anything and do nothing.”  I’m furious that the mainstream media told lies about us and that good people, people I cared about and respected, fell for their bullshit. I’m furious at Elizabeth Warren who built a career on getting big money of politics and then, when it was safe, went all in for for the Wall Street candidate. I’m furious that the mainstream media flat out lied in order to suppress the vote. I’m furious at the lies the Clinton campaign told about Sanders and the chaos and distrust they caused when infiltrating our networks. I’m furious that the media created the Trump monster.  I’m furious that hundreds of thousands of folks in Arizona and New York were denied their right to vote.  I’m furious that polling stations were closed at the last minute and lines are so long that elderly Puerto Ricans fainted in the hot sun. I’m furious that hundreds of thousands of provisional ballots were trashed and that Clinton declared victory before half the votes in California were even counted.”

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4 Responses to Why Bernie

  1. Fumon says:

    You tell ’em, Bernie!

  2. rainnnn says:

    Ditto 😦

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